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Cnr Ormond & Mangapapa Roads, Gisborne.
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Our Services

Extended Consultation:

17 STR 9173You are entitled to know how to get the most benefit from your medicines. That’s why we offer personal and confidential counselling sessions designed to provide you with the knowledge and confidence to better manage your therapy.

Medicine Reconciliation Service:

11 STR 9162As a new patient at Gordon’s Pharmacy, we will discuss all your prescription items including over-the-counter medicines you are currently taking. This ensures that we have an accurate list of your medications which can be checked against all new prescribed medicines and any discrepancies reconciled. 
For existing customers, all prescriptions from your GP or any other provider, such as the hospital, are checked against your medication record to reduce medication errors. A written summary can be provided and we are happy to discuss your records in a private confidential meeting if required.

Self-Care Advice:

33 STR 9212Our pharmacists and all staff are trained to give the ‘right advice’ to suit your healthcare needs. Backed with our health information resources and the information you provide, we’ll work with you to select the best treatment for your symptoms.

Compliance Packaging:

14 STR 9166We offer Blister Packing Service which will keep all your medications in one easy to use pack. This allows you to see the day and time of your doses and will help you keep track of your medication. Talk to one of our experienced and knowledgeable staff to see if this service can benefit you or a family member.

Diabetes Support:

10 STR 9161Screening and support service provided to all patients with Diabetes. We stock blood glucose meters and our pharmacists and technicians can demonstrate and advise on their use.

INR Blood Testing

04 STR 9149In consultation with your doctor, we will regularly monitor your INR Warfarin dose levels and adjust your prescription if needed. 

Emergency Contraceptive Pill - ECP

07 STR 9153In a confidential consultation with our specialized pharmacist, we will provide the over-the-counter ECP within 72 hours after unprotected sex to prevent pregnancy. You will leave with all necessary information and dose instructions.